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“Poor Pluto. Pluto just wants to exist.”

CP while discussing the debate about whether or not Pluto is a planet.

“I just think that all bacon is angry because it’s so delicious and can’t eat itself.”

Griffin Callaghan, when explaining his doodle instead of doing classwork in math class.

“Have you met Ryan? The man eats political discourse for breakfast.”

Jacob Casper, during a Nobleman discussion.

“Protect the snake, Alec! He’d rather be cold than dead!”

Anna Perez, reacting to Alec Hill saying that the baby snake on campus needed to be in the sun even though there were hawks overhead.

“The Grand Canyon is a big hole.”

Sydney Asnis, while planning a road trip.

“I don’t experience runner’s high. Every time I try to run, I cry.”

Mr. Becker, talking about the science behind runner’s high.

“Guys. My phone was in the apple basket in the castle.”

Grace Hayward, after losing (and then finding) her phone.

“What does a girl have to do to get a gosh darn burrito in a crisis?”

Roisin O’Carroll after surviving a near death experience during the October 2020 mini-hurricane, only to find that the nearby Chipotle had closed due to a power outage.

“When I think of 6 feet I think of Yaro with cut off ankles.”

Vivian Tao, in a discussion about tall trees and COVID-19 social distancing protocols!

“Maybe the internet is wrong.”

Lexi Downing trying to explain why she got .4m/s2 instead of 1.62m/s2 on her physics homework.

Darts & Laurels

Dart to…

The weather for not making up its mind.

The birds for chirping during outdoor classes.

The wind for ruining being outside.

The way-finding signs for getting stuck on your shoe so you have to do an Irish step dance-looking maneuver in the middle of the hallway.

Laurel to…

Flik for still giving us great food.

Avery Miranda, Aileen Feliz and Anna Perez for superbly moderating long assembly with Jennifer De Leon.

Denim Day 2020 with the pink masks (thanks, CAC!)

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