November 2021


Who holds power within our community, and how is that power used? From club leaders to student mentors, teachers to administrators, individuals use their influence to make the school better—or, in some cases, worse.

“Student Life Council Stripped of Leadership” by Eva Midura details the constrained autonomy of the Student Life Council (SLC), often deprived of power in event planning and organizing by administrative figures. Is our school motivating student leaders or micromanaging them?

Campbell Bates’ article “50 Years of Baker – the Nobles Legend” showcases a more positive example of power. This piece provides examples of how one person can use their power in a way that builds pillars of a community from the ground up. For decades after retiring as headmaster, Richard Baker has continued as a faculty member, seeing his work through.

Power does not always belong to the individual, however, as Chris Tillen mentions in “Self-Segregation or Self-Preservation?” Can one be empowered by associating chiefly with members of the same race? How has the balance of power between social groups been shifted through the years within the school’s walls? Though nobody can give concrete answers to the thought-provoking questions that Tillen raises, we urge the reader to consider them.

Every community member holds power in some form or another. Consider a faculty member, student, or friend and, regardless of their intentions, ask yourself: for what purposes do they use their power—good…or bad?


The Editors

October 2021


The Nobleman is back with Volume 111 for the 2021-2022 school year! After a year and a half of virtual assembly announcements and online content, we are back to fully in-person content production. We would like to share some of the adjustments that we will be making to the paper this year.

After much discussion with members of the school community, we have decided to remove non-campus related news pieces from publication and focus on representing our readership in accessible and approachable ways. 

As such, we have worked to increase the interactivity of the paper. We have added crossword puzzles, polls of the student body, and QR codes that lead students to videos and graphics online.

In addition, we have amplified our presence on social media platforms, increasing the volume and quality of posts. As such, we have created a new position on the paper, Social Media Manager. 

This may be the first print copy of The Nobleman you have received in-person. We hope this volume exposes you to new people, events, opinions, and experiences that are often overlooked or underappreciated. Happy reading (or glancing at the back page)!


The Editors <3 (Ryan Sanghavi, Daniel Wang, Jessica Zhang, Isabela Fitzgerald, and Ama Ndukwe)