Hadley Winslow, Editor in Chief

Fun fact: Hadley is named after a harbor in Cape Cod.

Anya Cheng, Managing Editor

Fun fact: Anya’s initials are ABC.

Kathryn Cloonan, Managing Editor

Fun fact: Kathryn lived in Sydney, Australia for three years.

Kamran Bina, Multimedia Editor

Fun fact: Kamran can make his tongue shaped like a flower.

Ellen Efstathiou, Layout Editor & Videographer

Fun fact: Ellen plays the saxophone.

Olivia Hayward, Layout & Web Editor

Fun fact: Olivia’s favorite ice cream flavor is Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food.

Kayla Henderson, Layout & Photo Editor

Fun fact: Kayla has the soap-tasting gene for cilantro.

Griffin Callaghan, Copy Editor

Fun fact: Griffin can’t eat at Chipotle because they make him feel bad for asking for rice without cilantro.

Kait Schuster, Copy Editor

Fun fact: Kait was once detained in a Switzerland airport because she accidentally left her Swiss Army knife souvenir in her carry-on.

Anna Perez, Business Manager & Staff Writer

Fun fact: Freshman year, Anna fell down the stairs in Gleason and a bunch of seniors saw it.

Marieko Amoah, Staff Writer

Fun fact: Marieko is a tarot reader/diviner.

Jacob Casper, Staff Writer

Fun fact: Jacob runs a Dungeons & Dungeons group outside of school.

Grace Fiorella, Staff Writer

Fun fact: Grace has never had a nosebleed.

Angie Gabeau, Staff Writer

Fun fact: Angie’s cat has been pregnant three times and had a total of 15 kittens. Her family doesn’t know who the father is.

Ryan Sanghavi, Staff Writer

Fun fact: Ryan writes letters to most of my friends on a regular basis, and he has kept almost 100 of the letters that he has received so far.

Daniel Wang, Staff Writer

Fun fact: Daniel’s favorite food is braised veal tongue.

Julia Wong, Staff Writer

Fun fact: Julia lived in Australia for her Kindergarten year.

Jessica Zhang, Staff Writer

Fun fact: Jessica always gets bored after a few seasons of a TV show so she has only ever finished three shows.

Isabela Fitzgerald, Videographer

Fun fact: Despite being born in Boston, Isabela didn’t properly learn English until she was four because at home her parents only talked to her in Portuguese.

Andrew Kasparyan, Videographer

Fun fact: In middle school, Andrew broke both his wrists in the span of two months.

Arty Schleifer, Videographer

Fun fact: Arty cultivates mad steez.

Meaghan Day, Photographer

Fun fact: Meaghan had a hamster that had 12 children, and then ate one of them.

Austin Qu, Photographer

Fun fact: Austin is originally from Indiana.

Meghan Kelleher, Faculty Advisor

Fun fact: Ms. Kelleher was born on her mom’s birthday.

Michael Polebaum, Faculty Advisor

Fun fact: