113-2 Editorial

The Editorial Board

November 13, 2023

Inflation has finally come for The Nobleman.

In previous years, The Nobleman was able to mail a print version of each edition to all families, an act that helped foster a sense of community beyond the school. However, printing has become more expensive and, in a decision made by The Nobleman’s faculty advisors, the print version will no longer be distributed to families. Several arguments support this change. First, the mailing process consumes 20% of The Nobleman’s budget; with rising printing costs, we cannot finance this additional fee. Second, printing additional papers takes a toll on the environment, an act that becomes increasingly difficult to justify in the era of severe climate change. That being said—we, the editors—do not support this decision. 

The Nobleman holds an important role at Nobles, communicating recent news, achievements, events, and other content relevant to the student body. In previous years when the paper was mailed, The Nobleman informed not only students and faculty about school life, but also parents. Mailing the paper created a sense of a larger community that had a positive impact on the school. Families are often the largest donors to the school, and encouraging their engagement with the community by keeping them informed through The Nobleman is an investment for the administration that promises to be paid off: if parents feel up-to-date with student life, they are more likely to see the need for improvements and donations, making them more willing to donate generous gifts to the school. This would ultimately make the extra cost of mailing the paper worth the reward of retaining the involvement of every member of the community. Additionally, parents seem to enjoy the space for engagement provided by The Nobleman, often reading the paper more thoroughly and enthusiastically than their children. They want to see what is happening in their precious child’s school, and they want to be informed about the place in which their child spends so much time. It is no secret that the majority of printed papers end up crumpled throughout the library. As a result, without mailing the paper, it is highly unlikely that parents will receive a copy. 

Introducing ads to The Nobleman, executed thoughtfully and in moderation, holds the potential to offer a viable and sustainable solution to the current funding challenge. Specifically, the inclusion of advertisements for Dedham’s small businesses would not only help address financial constraints but also serve as a catalyst for nurturing deeper community bonds, fostering local economic growth, and securing the newspaper’s long-term sustainability. Small businesses are the lifeblood of any community, and Dedham is no exception. These local enterprises represent the entrepreneurial spirit; by showcasing these small businesses within the pages of The Nobleman, we bridge the gap between the school and the local community, creating a harmonious synergy that is mutually beneficial.The decision to cease mailing the print version of The Nobleman, though driven by budgetary and environmental considerations, risks severing a vital link between the school and its extended community. The Nobleman has long served as a bridge, not only informing students and faculty but also reaching out to parents, graduates, and family members, fostering a sense of a larger, supportive community. The long-term benefits of retaining this connection, both in terms of financial support and community engagement, should be carefully considered. Ads for small businesses within the Dedham community present a viable solution that can address these challenges effectively. Balancing these concerns while ensuring the continued dissemination of The Nobleman is crucial to preserving the sense of community that has been a hallmark of the school’s success.

(Photo Credit: Hyewon Suh)

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