Who is The Best Guitarist at Nobles?

Jonathan Tillen, Layout Staff

November 13, 2023

Following the impressive performances by Will Eckford (Class II) and Eli Wember (Class VI) in the last month, as well as a feature performed by Ariel Rabinovich (Class III) along with a few others, the Nobles community has caught a glimpse of the sheer amount of guitar talent possessed by the student body. This, however, sparks the question: who is the best guitarist at Nobles? 

In the first corner, standing at a staggering six foot two with outfits that often challenge the dress code, we are faced with our first contestant: Will Eckford, who has dominated the guitar scene since his debut performance during his freshman year. Eckford mostly enjoys performing rock, as well as his recent original piece. Having played the guitar for nearly seven years, Eckford has plenty of experience as a guitarist. When asked who he believes is the best guitarist at Nobles, Eckford, with a look as amused as it is enraged, says, “I think you know the answer to that.”In the second corner stands Ariel Rabinovich (Class III) at five foot two, and what he lacks in height he makes up for with his incredible performer presence. Experimenting with jazz, blues, and other forms of improvisation, Rabinovich has a wide range of talents for the assembly stage. Rabinovich has also played guitar for around seven years and had his debut performance early Freshman year, striking many parallels to Eckford. When asked who he believes the best guitarist is, he said, “I would definitely say I am the best. Sure, Eckford and Wember are talented guys, but I don’t think anything matches my presence on an assembly stage. You can’t teach that.”

Our third contestant, the fan-favorite dark horse, reigns from Pratt Middle School. Eli Wember is a new contender, who shocked the school with his skills just a month into the year. After dabbling in drums and piano, Wember found his passion in the guitar. Acoustic, electric—it doesn’t matter, as he can shred regardless of what you hand him. Another quality that characterizes Wember’s talent is his love for performing. “I like performing in front of people. And every time I do it, more people come. I think the last time I performed, there were 100 people,” Wember says. Being so much younger than the high schoolers Eckford and Rabinovich, you might assume Wember is severely disadvantaged. However, you would be gravely mistaken. Wember’s age motivates him even more to rule the guitar scene. When asked who he thinks is the best guitarist at Nobles, Wember says, “Me. Because I’m the youngest and probably the least experienced, and I’m assuming that they didn’t perform in assembly three weeks into the first year.”

While these contestants continue to make names for themselves, the question remains: who is the best guitarist at Nobles? Though Wember mentions a possible assembly performance with Rabinovich, a battle of the bands or “guitar-off” for a future assembly performance may allow the community to crown an ultimate champion for the title of best guitarist.

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(Photo Credit: Avery Winder)

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