Pasta Wednesday: In Memoriam

Owen Harrington, Staff Writer

October 20, 2023

This new school year has brought about several difficult changes affecting both faculty and students alike. The printing policies have left our community divided, and the new schedule has become a point of extraordinary controversy. However, one particular change has shaken the school to its core, leaving many students dazed and confused, unsure how to move forward. The beloved tradition of Pasta Wednesday has officially come to an end, and it remains uncertain whether or not its successor, “Pasta Thursday,” can truly fill the gaping hole left behind.

The tradition of Pasta Wednesday, which, according to Classics Faculty Mark Harrington, had “been going on for at least the last 15 years,” was a mainstay of the Nobles experience. Generations of students and alumni were connected by shared memories of rushing to the Castle to load up on bread and pasta before heading off to their athletic contests. Tragically, younger student-athletes will now never be able to understand the euphoria of a hard-fought, pasta-powered victory. According to many student-athletes, however, the sensation of being burdened by surplus carbohydrates while attempting strenuous activity was occasionally unpleasant. 

(Photo Credit: Avery Winder)

The original intent of Pasta Wednesday was to help students “carbo-load” before exerting themselves in competitions; it was believed that consuming excess carbohydrates would provide athletes with more energy to use on the field. While that science remains true to an extent, the timing of an athlete’s “carbo-load” is critical in optimizing their performance. Director of Dining Services Matthew Burek said, “When you carbo-load, it needs to be at least 24 hours ahead of the event.” It was for this reason that the Athletic Department requested that the starchy meal be moved to Thursday, in order to ensure that students are fully prepared for their contests on Friday and Saturday.

For Burek and his team, this was a relatively easy change saying that he could “make it whatever day the school needs.” He went on to explain the importance of a pasta meal, regardless of the day, as its preparation is significantly less costly than many of the other common offerings. He shared that “it’s about $300 dollars for the pasta to get through the day as opposed to $1,200 for a protein,” which indicates that a weekly pasta meal is likely to remain, regardless of the day. 

It’s about $300 dollars for the pasta to get through the day as opposed to $1,200 for a protein.

The permanence of these doughy delights may come as a disappointment to some who were hoping that Pasta Thursday marked the beginning of the end for pasta in the Castle. Indeed, a number of these outspoken critics claim that eating the same meal every week has become monotonous, but when asked if he had grown tired of the lunch, Harrington said, “Maybe I just don’t hang out with people who get angry about pasta, but my friends and I are pasta friendly,” proving that the prospect of penne pipes can remain exciting each week.

While Thursday may be the more logical option for this valued tradition, anyone who was blessed enough to be able to experience the wonders of Pasta Wednesday in its prime can attest to its glory. Pasta Wednesday, we will forever hold you in our hearts and memories.

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