Get to Know the New Faculty at Nobles

Nathan Nozea, Staff Writer

October 20, 2023

As the new school year begins to settle, students may have noticed that the halls look a little bit more distinct than usual. Corridors usually swarming with students are now also populated with new faculty. Unfortunately, given the sheer number of class offerings at Nobles, many of these new faculty will remain out of the spotlight to a majority of the student body. Despite this, each of these new faculty members bring unique stories and talents to the community that deserve to be shared.

This year, the English Department welcomed three new faculty members.First, Jordan Evans, who has been teaching high school English for 15 years, has joined Nobles from thayer academy. An outdoors enthusiast, Evans spends much of her free time skiing and hiking. In her high school and college career, Evans was a passionate rower and plans to be one of the coaches for the crew team this year. Another addition this year is Mike Curran, who has taught at several Independent School League schools prior to arriving at Nobles, as well as the Waynflete School in Portland, Maine. Outside of school, Curran likes to fish, garden, and build furniture. During high school, he enjoyed music and participated in several musical groups including jazz band, orchestra, and choir.,The last addition to the department is David Liebowitz, who previously taught English at Beaver Country Day School for ten years. Liebowitz is an avid reader and also loves to watch basketball––his favorite teams include the Boston Celtics and the Providence Friars. Cooking is another one of Liebowtiz’s many hobbies, and he cannot wait for his kitchen renovation to finish so he can resume his culinary passion. 

The Mathematics Department has also seen two new additions. One of those is Aaron Duphily, who teaches a wide variety of math classes at Nobles, including Honors Algebra II, Statistics, and AP AB Calculus. Before Nobles, Duphily taught across New England, including at Deerfield Academy. Although Duphily loves the time he spent there, he does appreciate the fact that Nobles has both day students and borders, as he believes the combination of the two allows for a more unique school environment. In addition to math, Duphily loves anything to do with nature, including sports such as running and skiing. Back in high school, Duphily was also a massive rock and roll fan––he especially enjoyed alternative rock. Duphily is currently coaching the Boys’ Varsity Cross Country Team and plans to coach the Varsity Skiing Team in the winter. Now in her 20th year of teaching, Jennifer Youk See is another new addition to the math department. Unlike many of the teachers at Nobles, Youk See teaches in both the Middle and Upper Schools, giving her a unique perspective on the differences between the two sects. Youk See has a wide breadth of interests, including skiing, sewing, Spartan races, digital photography, and traveling. As a high school student, she loved volleyball, and she is now coaching the Junior Varsity Volleyball Team this fall.

(Photo Credit: Avery Winder)

The science department has some new faces as well. Currently serving as a Science Fellow, Laine Garber recently earned her undergraduate degree from Yale in December of 2022. After she graduated, Garber traveled to Rwanda to study health education for seven months. During her time there, Garber immersed herself in the Rwandan culture and gained first-hand experience in the teaching field. Garber is currently coaching the Varsity Field Hockey team and plans to coach Girls’ Junior Varsity Basketball in the winter. Another new member of the science department is Michael Ewins. While Ewins first began his teaching career in Bethesda, Maryland, he spent the last 15 years teaching at BB&N. Similar to Liebowitz, Ewins loves to cook and eat food. He also heavily enjoys construction: he has built two kitchens and two bathrooms. Traveling is another big passion of Ewins––he has studied mountain gorillas in Rwanda, anacondas in Bolivia, and elephants in Laos. 

As for middle school faculty, new Assistant Head of Middle School Anne DiAdamo serves as the new assistant head of the Middle School, and she recently graduated from college in May 2023. DiAdamo loves to travel and dreams of visiting tourist spots such as Spain or New York. 

All of the talents showcased by these new faculty members makes it clear that a new era is being ushered into the Nobles community. Dean of Faculty Maura Sullivan  said “[the new faculty are] a great group of people…they’re diverse in ages, they’re diverse in their disciplines…[they’re] a group that is going to leave a lasting impression [at Nobles].” Clearly, these new faculty members will be here to stay, and only time will tell the lasting imprints they will leave on the Nobles community.

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