by Campbell Bates, Staff Writer, May 2022

1- Spikeball

This is overall the best-ranked game to play on the beach for obvious reasons. There is no limit to the number of spikeball games one may encounter when walking across campus on a sunny day. It is the perfect game because four people can play at a time, and most people know the rules. The famous spikeball tournament definitely increased the game’s popularity. The only downside is that the game is fragile, and the spikeballs seem to disappear at a rapid pace. If you can snatch a net and ball, this game is a top contender for the most fun. 

2- Hacky Sack

Hacky sack was a close second, but did not rank above spikeball for one reason: it is only played by the seniors, who make up just 20 percent of the student body. The seniors who do play it, however, play it religiously. Between Shattuck and the library there is always a sea of seniors with their feet in the air.

3- Chalk

The Drawing Club, led by Co-Presidents Helen Cui (Class II) and Dorothy Zhang (Class II), put out a large box of chalk between the beach and the Outdoor Classroom. This pavement is a perfect stop to bring the beach to life. There is no end to what you can do with the chalk, from Promposing, to drawing, to showing off your hop-scotch skills.

4- Sui: 

Sui is a fun game, but it comes in fourth because it is essentially just Hacky Sack, but with a different ball. Sui is also primarily played by sophomores and juniors, as opposed to Hacky Sack, which is designated for seniors. It is easier to head a soccer ball, so there are positives of Sui. But, it is not all positive. It loses points dramatically for the facial injuries sustained by Eliza Gardiner (Class II) and the noise that it creates for classes hard at work. 

5- Egg David Hermanson (Class II)

This is not necessarily a game, but it is definitely one of the most fun things that has happened on the beach this year. After Alanna Xue (Class I) won the fencing match in Fringe Fest last month, the entire school crowded on the beach to throw two dozen eggs and a bucket of ice water on Hermanson. This was entertaining, but maybe not enjoyable for all parties involved, so this ranks fifth. And it is not yet a recurring event, but perhaps the public egging of a community member could be a weekly occurrence. 

6- Four Square (middle schoolers)

Four square is easily the most enjoyable game, but it comes in sixth due to its inconvenient location. It is a great activity for middle schoolers, but again, only about 20 percent of the school has access to it. If there were more four square courts, it would rank higher on the list. Unfortunately, the line can get long, and in a game of many people, you may only see the queen space once.

7- Frisbee (toss or golf)

It is not often you come across a game of frisbee on the beach, likely because of the inherent difficulty. It is hard to aim, so in most of the games that do occur, there are crashes into the Shattuck classroom windows and sprained fingers.