by Amy Baez and Jackie Zhang, Staff Writer, January 2022

It is not uncommon to see old fashion trends resurface, and currently 90s fashion is making a noticeable comeback on campus. Fashion can be described as a cyclical concept. New styles are continually being introduced and later gain traction once more. After it peaks, however, a trend becomes outdated. Even so, these obsolete trends re-enter the cycle and become hot again. This can explain why our culture currently values vintage clothes. 

Many variables are applicable when it comes to how we dress. Who we surround ourselves with, the dress codes we follow, and where we seek inspiration contributes to how we choose to express ourselves. Like Instagram and TikTok, social media plays an immense role in determining what is deemed fashionable during a specific time. 

From head to toe, here are well-liked articles of clothing seen throughout our school. 

Flannel Shirt over Hoodie

Teenage fashion quickly adapts once the leaves have fallen off the trees and the sun starts setting earlier during the day. A distinguishable fashion trend during this change of seasons has to be the unbuttoned flannel shirt over a hoodie—a casual and versatile style usually worn with khakis.

Hair Claw Clips 

A big staple in 90s hairstyles, this resourceful hair accessory has picked up popularity. Claw clips can be seen being worn by many students who want to accomplish a quick and stylish updo. They come in a wide range of different colors and shapes, making them a fun addition to numerous outfits. Famous models like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Beiber have been spotted wearing claw clips, a probable reason as to why they have made their way back into today’s fashion. 

Sweater Vests

Another look from the 90s has reappeared in modern fashion. A trendy second layer to warm you up in chilly classrooms, sweater vests are an innovative way to look classy but comfortable. Although they were first perceived as a sense of style belonging to your grandparents, sweater vests gradually became popular as they were seen repeatedly on the fashion side of TikTok. Artists like Harry Styles and Tyler the Creator have been a considerable influence in spreading this article of clothing.

Cropped Puffer Jackets

Although puffer jackets have always been trendy, cropped puffer jackets have been more in style this winter season. This jacket, with a length that goes up to the waist, has been a favored outer layer to wear and comes in various colors. A black puffer may be the most classic look, but some prefer vibrant hues of pink or blue. This winter coat is a timeless piece of fashion that many wear due to its practicality. 

Patterned Pants

With our dress code preventing blue jeans most days, patterned pants are the colorful solution students rely on to make a bold statement, especially in dreary weather. The variety of patterns ranges from leopard or snake print to checkerboard or fabric patches.

Yoga Pants

More commonly known as yoga pants, flare leggings may have returned with the cold weather. Yoga pants are a reliable fashion choice due to their comfort and are usually accompanied by an oversized sweater or UGG boots. The revival of this style can be credited to Emma Chamberlain, who posted a photo of her outfit in the fall of 2020, which consisted of a gray crew neck and flared leggings. Nothing is better than wearing loungewear but still maintaining a somewhat professional look. 

Platform Sneakers

Sneakers will always be a part of our wardrobe, whether it’s for stylish or athletic purposes. In demand recently are platform sneakers. Popular brands such as Steve Madden and Golden Goose are worn frequently, with shoes ranging from white to camo patterned. The chunky sole has been in style for a while now and probably will continue to be for months to come. 

Fashion trends and whether or not to follow them can impact our student community. Is there a certain pressure to wear specific clothing to fit into the majority? Who should we be influenced by, and why should it matter? Alejandra Mendez (Class I) said, “My style is influenced by the BTS members, specifically Kim Nam-joon, and I would say their outgoing fashion has pushed me to be more comfortable with what I wear.” Our idols are an essential factor in our sense of style because we seek inspiration from them. Mendez acknowledges this, and due to this encouragement, she said, “Within Nobles’ culture, I don’t feel as reluctant to wear certain clothing.” Sally Tabakh (Class I) said as well “I feel like social media does influence the way I dress when I am looking for outfit inspiration.” TikTok and Pinterest are commonly sought out apps for fashion advice, filled with new combinations of outfits to invest in, visible throughout our stylish school.