by Amy Baez, Staff Writer, December 2021

Are you struggling to come up with a gift for a friend who happens to attend Nobles? 

Worry no longer! Here are ten gift ideas for the holiday season perfectly tailored to students. 

  1. Neon Safety Vest

Protect your friends by giving them a neon safety vest for their 5 p.m. walks in the dark due to the dreaded Daylight Savings Time. This bright attire will save them from the reckless teenager driving down at the MAC. Plus, looking like a construction worker is back in style, according to Vogue Magazine. 

  1. Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Nothing is better than a $25 Barnes & Nobles gift card your friend won’t use on books but instead at the in-store Starbucks to buy an overpriced peppermint mocha they will drink halfway.  

  1. Blue Jeans

There is no such thing as too many blue jeans since students get to wear them one time per month. 

  1. Yummy Smelling Candle

Shattuck over the years has become a bit smelly, so spruce up the air by giving your friend a fun scented candle. Bath and Body Works has a variety of strong scents from “Warm Cinnamon Sugar Cookie” to “Fresh Cut Pine Tree.” The Nobleman is not responsible for fire damages. 

  1. Wrinkle Cream

Did you know stress can deepen wrinkles and produce frown lines? This is a good, not-so-pricey gift for exam season. 

  1. Sparknotes Subscription

The struggle is real when you are halfway through reading an analysis of Macbeth, and the site turns into a big blur. Gifting your struggling English friend a Sparknotes subscription to pass their class will leave them very delighted (at only $4.99 a year!). The Nobleman condemns academic dishonesty.

  1. Pencil Sharpener 

The perfect gift for students who use mechanical pencils! 

  1. Backpack Cup Holder 

If your friend is the notorious person who leaves their Dunkin’ coffee lying around Shattuck, this is the gift for them! Instead of having a week-old Cold Brew rotting in the Alcoves, it can instead rot in their new attachable cup holder fastened onto their backpack.

  1. Graphing Calculator Charger

Receiving a USB cable may be a surprise at first to your Nobles companion, but now they don’t have to constantly ask others for a charger whenever their calculator dies ten minutes before their Pre Calc exam. 

  1. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad *Signed Copy*

Every Class II students’ favorite winter read! It is a short and easy book to give your sophomore friend so they can get a head start to the upcoming school year. *BONUS* Although not signed by Joseph Conrad, if you flip to the title page, it might be signed by Richard Baker, who looks like Conrad if you close your eyes and imagine it yourself.