by Arnav Harve, Staff Writer, February 2022

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples—you can enjoy it too! At its core, Valentine’s Day celebrates love in all forms, and that means loving yourself. So while you might be envying your friend’s date and wishing you had one of your own, don’t! Instead, embrace the holiday. Here are some of the best ways you can spend Valentine’s Day single:

  1. Buy a bunch of anonymous roses for yourself during the CAC Rose Sale

Imagine walking up to the CAC table, saying your name, and then receiving 100 anonymous roses! Yes, what better way to spend the day single than to buy a bunch of roses—for yourself! Not only will you be the talk of the school, but you’ll feel good knowing that you donated so much for a good cause. Plus, all of those couples hugging and laughing together? They’ll immediately feel sad because they didn’t get as many as you. In their face!

  1. Make a candle-lit dinner for one at the Castle

What could be more romantic than a candle-lit dinner in a castle? Bring all of the necessary supplies to school—silverware, tuxedo, and candles (of course)—and set everything up when dinner opens at 5:00 p.m. Turn on a radio with some smooth romantic music, and settle in for the most special night of your life. Then stare at the empty seat in front of you while Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” gently plays in the background, and smile as you realize how memorable and magical this night will always be.

  1. Play matchmaker with your friends

Love is in the air! Being single on Valentine’s Day means that you are free to pair whomever you think would be a match made in heaven. To start, lure two of your friends to the Arts Center. Then throw on some romantic music, drop some rose petals from the second floor, and watch the two realize their newfound love. This is a great option to give back to the community and spread cheer during the day.

You can also bring Christmas spirit to Valentine’s Day by carrying a mistletoe to school! Then, strategically place yourself behind one of the columns in Gleason Hall. As people walk by, you can jump out with a mistletoe, obligating them to kiss. You’ll all share a great laugh, and they will thank you for helping them understand how amazing they would be together.

  1. Host a singles-only party after school

Why should couples have all the fun? Hold your own Valentine’s Day festivities with a singles-only party after school! Everyone can head down to the tennis courts for food, drinks, and games—but only if they are single! The party can also be themed with all kinds of singles-related activities, like singles tennis and solitaire.

No party is complete without merch, so make sure to get some for all your guests! Shirts are always a great idea—my favorite shirt says, “I’m not single. I have dogs.” Plus, revel in the commercialization of the holiday with big, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and bouquets of artificial roses. Make sure you have enough though, as the crowds at this party will definitely be huge.

  1. Ask that special someone out

Up until now, I’ve listed out the best ways to spend Valentine’s Day single. But let’s face it: being single is awful, especially on Valentine’s Day. I honestly don’t know how so many of us manage to get through this day. Seeing all of the smiling faces, roses, and hearts, it’s almost impossible to survive even one class without bursting into tears. Simply put, being in a relationship is the most important part of high school. And if you don’t have one, you’re out of luck.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for you to finally ask out your crush. One word of advice: make sure to make it big, more spectacular than a promposal. Take a risk! Barge into their English class with a rose in your mouth and a sign that says, “Will you go out with me?” or come up to them during lunch with a plate of their favorite food. For even better results, proudly proclaim your love for them in the middle of assembly. One of these options will surely make it a Valentine’s Day to never forget.