by Campbell Bates, Staff Writer, February 2022

It can be hard to tell who is dating at Nobles, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, it is important to set some things straight. We interviewed middle schoolers and asked them each two questions: “What upperclassmen do you think are dating?” and “Who are upperclassmen that you think should start dating?” There were six common answers:

Alex Janower (Class I) and Rhodes Martinez (Class I):

Starting off strong, every single middle schooler interviewed mentioned this couple. It is no surprise that this couple was frequently mentioned, as it is in fact true. After their video in Assembly called “Forging With Friends,” it became clear that they are as good at forging knives as they are at forging relationships. The video should’ve been called “Forging With (More Than) Friends.” These two are well-matched, with shared interest in running, theater, and music.

Molly Hughes (Class II) and Owen Myers (Class II):

Now this one’s super close, but wrong first name. Molly is actually dating the blonde twin- Owen’s brother, Zachary Myers (Class II). Molly and Zach have been together for over two years, so this one should be pretty easy. Given that Owen and Zach are fraternal and have completely different personalities, this is an easy mistake to make. At least it’s a better slip-up than thinking Zach is dating Molly’s sister, Izzie Hughes (Class V).

Chrissy Cadigan (Class I) and Emma Skelly (Class I):

This was the most highly requested couple from the interviews conducted. Chrissy and Emma are indeed a perfect match. You can often find them dancing in Foster Gallery, playing footsies in the library, or conversing art history in their secret language. “We are the same person, just different fonts,”  Cadigan said. They wear the same size in clothes and shoes, and are the same height. This allows them to share everything and take amazing pictures together. Their social media pages are dedicated to just each other, and the few solo pics they post are taken by the other. They have each others’ location 24/7, which may seem unhealthy, but it has nothing to do with lack of trust; it simply eases their separation anxiety.

Despite their many similarities, they both have opposite tastes in men, minimizing any competition or fighting. The only plausible exception to this rule is Austin Tasca (Class II). Chrissy and Emma do have disagreements, as all couples do, such as whether reading is fun or if cheese tastes good, but, overall, this is a very strong relationship.

Norah Jankey (Class I) and Nick Rodriguez (Class I):

One middle schooler saw Nick and Norah studying together in the library and thought that they looked like a good match. This one makes perfect sense. Both crew prodigies, these two are absolute beasts on the erg, and even had the same 2k time freshman year. If that’s not a sign from the universe saying they’re soulmates, I don’t know what is. Furthermore, Nick’s astrological sign is a Virgo and Norah’s is an Aries. According to CoStar and Snapchat, this means they can both truly be themselves around each other. It is just a matter of time for these two. 

Henry Saltzman (Class II) and Charlotte Walkey (Class I):

This has been in the works for quite some time. They were introduced through the Crew Winter Training Team and the spark is undeniable. “We are just a perfect match,” Walkey said.  She is 5’9”, and Henry is “6’,” so they are both the exact same height. The only reason they are not a couple is that Henry and Charlotte have conflicting views about the movie “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”