by Grace Fiorella, Staff Writer, February 2022

Question:Chad PalumboBen ClarkeAbigail Roberts
Middle Name?WestWestWest
Birthday?March 3March 3March 3
Fav Animal?SharkSharkFish
Fav Food?Chicken tendersFried riceFried rice
Fav Song?“Whiskey Glasses” (Morgan Wallen)“All Night Longer”(Sammy Adams)“All Night Longer”(Sammy Adams)
Secret Talent? FortniteJugglingDancing and videogames
Celeb Crush? Margot RobbieCamille Kostek and Margot RobbieMargot Robbie
Fav Show?Outer BanksBreaking BadNew Girl
Biggest Fear? SpidersSpidersSpiders
Biggest Pet Peeve? Slow walkersSlow walkersBad drivers
Question:Ali ColemanQuinn PappendickCharlotte Harris
Middle Name?QuinnQuinnQuinn
Birthday?December 25June 23June 23
Fav Animal?WolfDogDog
Fav Food?SteakPastaPasta
Fav Song?“alotta cake” (Gunna)“Ladders” (Mac Miller)“How to Fly” (Sticky Fingers)
Secret Talent? DrummingJugglingJuggling
Celeb Crush? Sydney SweeneySydney SweeneyMargot Robbie
Fav Show?Criminal MindsEuphoriaTed Lasso
Biggest Fear? Getting bit by a dogSnakesSnakes
Biggest Pet Peeve? Chewing with your mouth openBad driversNails on a chalkboard
Score2Bae wins!6
Question:Sammy HigginsKiki HigginsNate Spzak 
Middle Name?OlinOlinOlin
Birthday?July 29July 29July 29
Fav Animal?Dog and pigsDogDog
Fav Food?Pasta with butter and parmesan cheese on sideCalifornia Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Mac and cheeseCPK Mac and cheese
Fav Song?“All Too Well” (Taylor Swift)“All Too Well” (Taylor Swift)“Colder Weather” (Zac Brown Band)
Secret Talent? Doesn’t have anyCandy CrushCandy Crush
Celeb Crush? Patrick Demsey or GronkPatrick DemseyGronk
Fav Show?Grey’s AnatomyGrey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy 
Biggest Fear? SharksSharksSharks
Biggest Pet Peeve? Fast walkersFast walkersSammy
Score8Best Friend Wins!7
Question:Elise RueppelMadi ShaerJustin Lowry 
Middle Name?BaileyBaileyBailey
Birthday?January 11January 11January 11
Fav Animal?PigPigletsPiglets
Fav Food?SushiSushiSushi
Fav Song?“Fingers Crossed” (Lauren Spencer Smith) or anything Ben Platt“Fingers Crossed” (Lauren Spencer Smith)“Love Grows” (Edison Lighthouse)
Secret Talent? British accentFake sneezePlaying the ukulele
Celeb Crush? Tom HollandTom HollandTom Holland
Fav Show?Grey’s Anatomy or Emily in ParisGrey’s AnatomyGrey’s Anatomy
Biggest Fear? SpidersE.T.E.T.
Biggest Pet Peeve? Fast walkersPeople sitting on my bed if they haven’t showeredWhen I lie on her hair accidentally