by Arnav Harve, Staff Writer, February 2022

Who wants to spend Valentine’s Day doing homework? Here are the four best places to hang out with your significant other around Dedham after school.

Cafe Fresh Bagel: 

What can conjure the ineffable feelings of romance more than a bagel shared between two lovers? Widely regarded as the pinnacle of “bagelry” in Dedham, take your s/o to this cafe, awash in quaint Parisian charm and overflowing with the sweet, intoxicating aroma of sesames and poppyseeds and blueberries and cinnamon and chocolate chips and…well, I’m getting ahead of myself. The point is that Cafe Fresh Bagel is great for all lovers. And a bagel looks like a ring, too!

Kings Bowling at Legacy Place: 

Picture this. The school day has ended, and you and your s/o stand beside piles of discarded roses, wondering how to spend the rest of the day. You begrudgingly decide to hit up Legacy Place, but as you walk towards Sweetgreen wishing that this special day won’t just amount to eating cold salads, you see in bright green, artificial lights: Kings Bowling. Inspired, you throw your s/o’s salad into the trash can and run together towards what may be the most magical, thrilling night of your life.

Bowling might seem like an odd choice for a romantic evening, but with plenty of romantic bonding, it’s sure to be a night to never forget. What could capture the essence of Valentine’s Day more than having you and your s/o’s hands interlock in a bowling ball as you roll it together to score a strike. After bowling, you can share a delicious plate of piping hot pizza, head down to the arcade for some old-fashioned gaming, or go back to the pins for another round. What could be more romantic?

Starry Night under Millennium Park and Wilson Mountain

Millennium Park is a notable haunt for XC runners because of its track, but its scenic views of the surrounding trails are unmatched. Head over to the park and climb the central hill for a gorgeous panoramic view of the Boston skyline and the starry night. Away from the relentless commercialization of holiday, spending your Valentine’s Day in the presence of nature is a perfect way to enjoy a quiet, romantic end to the night.

For more intrepid lovers, consider Wilson Mountain, just five minutes away from campus. The journey to the top can be a bit dangerous, with plenty of roots and rocks, so be careful! After a 30 minute hike, you and your s/o will arrive at a rocky ledge, surrounded by gorgeous views of Dedham and an unparalleled view of the night sky. Once there, you can set up a picnic and eat together under the stars. 

An Evening On Campus

While some students will spend their evenings stuck in the library or at home doing homework, others will get to head off campus. As you read this, you might be getting ready to go too—but wait! Mom’s worried about COVID-19, and she just sent you a text saying that you’re going to be grounded if you leave campus. That means virtual school! You and your s/o sit in the Henderson Arts Center with nothing to do, while your friends, no doubt inspired by this article, go to places like Cafe Fresh Bagel and Legacy Place with their dates. This day just couldn’t get any worse, you might think, as you get ready to head to the library to finish your homework.

But stop! There are plenty of romantic spots on campus too. These secluded spaces will ensure that you and your s/o can hang out together even after a long day of classes:

  1. The Study Room at the Castle: after lunch, no one ever comes here. This room has comfy couches and plenty of books to read together on the surrounding ledges. Order some DoorDash burgers from ShakeShack to really set the romantic mood.
  2. Faculty Lounge at the Arts Center: With a partially working coffeemaker, three comfortable sofas, and heated floors, this spot has all the amenities you need to create a memorable night. Make sure to only come after the theater kids have left!
  3. Senior Loft: For juniors and underclassmen, going to the senior loft after school is a thrilling, rebellious way to show your love. And the comfy couches aren’t bad either!