by Eva Midura, Staff Writer, December 2021

In every community, there are unwritten rules for members to follow so that everyone is comfortable, content, and chaos is controlled. Nobles can become confusing for those unfamiliar with such guidelines, so pay close attention to the following pointers to refresh your memory on the dos and don’ts of navigating Nobles.

Since the underclassmen haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy normal Castle arrangements due to COVID-19 protocols for the past couple years, here is a reminder on where best to sit. 

Everyone knows how important student-teacher relationships are, and it’s best to get a jump on creating those bonds as soon as you can. Freshman should be sure to mingle with the teacher tables, so they can ask as many questions about homework, grades, and the content of an upcoming test during their teacher’s free time, as they’ll be the most attentive then. 

This works best if you and your friends take up every seat at the table reserved by teachers in the New Castle so that they’re forced to approach you— what an effective conversation starter! 

If that table is all occupied, just head over to any of the circular tables behind the salad bar, and, even if it’s just two or three of your friends don’t be afraid to spread out – you deserve to have a table to yourselves! 

For students looking for some private time with their significant other, never sit in the dim lighting of the Old Castle where nobody can witness you canoodling and sharing a meal. 

Where better to soft launch a new relationship than a lunch date in the New Castle? If you sit together by yourselves at one of the tables, you can be sure no one will interrupt you by sitting close by, so you’ll enjoy lots of extra space and it will guarantee that you two  will be the center of attention. 

If it’s Pasta Wednesday, don’t forget to reenact the scene from Lady and the Tramp. Ask someone nearby to shoot a video, and don’t be afraid to get lots of takes so you have the perfect noodle smooch on camera. 

Some days, students only get 30 minutes for lunch after their doubles and before their next class, so it is important they take advantage of time during their frees to eat a snack or bring back food from the Castle. One of the best places to chow down on these midday meals is the library. 

What better place to eat with your friends when you can’t make it to the Castle but also to ensure you aren’t missing out on the social scene? Especially now that it’s getting cold, don’t sit outside to finish your food from the snack bar; make sure to warm up indoors. The librarians are happy that you’re getting your daily nutrition, so don’t worry about leaving behind crumbs and wrappers. 

When you do get the chance to eat at the Castle, it can be busy. The middle school lunch line is the best way to avoid traffic and get your food quicker. The middle schoolers like to wait longer, and it’s exciting for them to be in the presence of an older crowd, even if that means cutting their 20 minutes of lunch down to ten. 

Nobles students are busy and constantly rushing from one class or activity to another. Upperclassmen who can drive should take advantage of their faster mode of transportation to get from their parking spot in North Lot down to the Morrison Athletic Center (MAC) as quickly as possible for after-school practices and games. 

Often, MAC spots are already filled up, but Nobles encourages creativity in students, so think outside the box in terms of parking spaces. No one will mind if you park on the gravel road behind the MAC, and it’s often open as few are bold enough to squeeze in there. 

The area between handicap parking spaces with the lines across it just screams your name when you’re running late, and who’s it being saved for anyways? If both of those options are filled, try parking on the sidewalk! Assert your dominance by being able to cleanly execute the parallel park in three moves.

Oh, and if you hit a faculty member’s car, don’t panic: you might think to leave a note, but Provost Bill Bussey is always happy to send out another all-school email to narrow down the suspects. All accidents on campus are insured by the school, anyway.

While these are just a few unspoken rules to keep in mind, make sure to follow them closely to make the best of your Nobles experience and help everything run smoothly.