by Eva Midura, Staff Writer, December 2021

You got exactly four hours and 32 minutes of sleep last night after cramming for your fourth test this week, and it’s only Wednesday morning. Long assembly is taking its toll as you contemplate how getting an extra hour of rest would have had a more positive impact on your mental health than listening to a 60 minute speech about “internal chatter.” 

Your eyelids are drooping and your head is getting heavier by the minute. All of a sudden, you hear, “Faculty, First Class!” and are jarred awake by the clamor of students rising and the kid next to you impatiently jabbing you, so they can make it to the first period on time. 

Lucky for you, your first period is free, so you have an hour  before you get to learn about the 15th French king that week with the name Louis in AP European History. How to spend that precious time? Curling up somewhere, dreaming about no-homework weekends and FLIK dessert seems like a good option. 

The most obvious choice for where to seek some mid-day shut-eye is often the library. Although the pillows that used to line the windowsill benches have mysteriously disappeared (perhaps to dissuade such sleepy students), under the floor-to-ceiling windows is a common area for Nobles nappers. 

Light streams into the library heating the hardwood and creating a cozy atmosphere, especially if you curl up in a corner using your backpack or one of the many jackets strewn across the tables as a makeshift pillow. 

While serious sleepers may not prefer this napping location, the library is attractive for students who want some company and to enjoy the peaceful sounds of background chatter while resting.  

For the bolder crews who aren’t afraid to be proactive about requesting a napping spot, heading over to the Health Center may be the option for you. As long as it isn’t inundated with people who actually need medical attention, convince the nurses that you have a headache and take advantage of the private area in the back of the office. 

Not only is it quiet, but it provides the most comfortable napping option with a cot, pillow, and blanket. Just be sure to set an alarm to wake yourself up for second period because you’ll definitely be entering deep sleep in such a relaxing environment. 

If you crave a secluded area with no distractions or noise but aren’t brave enough for the aforementioned option, then Foster Gallery is just the place for you. It’s never second-best in comfort, with booth seats and big, squishy pillows to sink your head into, and it comes first in privacy as well. 

The window seats are long enough where you can fully stretch out when lying down, and when napping in the furthest one, you’re out of sight from passerbyers. The atmosphere is alluring with the dull lighting and art along the walls, and the gallery isn’t too active during the daytime, so it’s unlikely someone will catch you getting your beauty sleep. 

Lastly, if you’re fortunate enough to have your car parked at Nobles during the day, making the trek  down to North Lot, the Morrison Athletic Center (MAC), or Sketchy Lot for some sleep can be seriously worth it. Recline the front seat or hop in the back to lay down and turn up the music. Spotify’s “Chill Hits” playlist or your favorite genre is an excellent plus for this sleeping space, and can really set the tone for a good rest. This option is best when you have multiple frees in a row, because it can take some time getting back and forth from your car and class. 

As the weather gets colder, be sure to bring an extra sweatshirt so that you have a DIY pillow or blanket at all times and can get cozy in the nooks around campus. With all these students snoozing, maybe the administration will consider pushing back start times like in the COVID-19 days, but for now we will have to settle for some creative options around campus to make up for lost sleep.