by David Hermanson, Staff Writer, February 2022

There you are, sitting with your significant other at lunch in the Castle when BAM. It hits you. They’re chewing. This shouldn’t come as a surprise of course, because, why wouldn’t they be? There is no reason to be upset with your partner for eating food…but right now? It’s driving you bonkers. Every little squish of food…every little expression on their stupid little face…it’s making you go mad and you have no idea why.

Every moment that passes, your beloved somehow manages to dig a deeper and deeper hole for themselves. You notice that they started with dessert first, next things next, you realize they’re holding their fork in a stupid way. The real icing on the cake is when you see that…oh god…their annoying friend is coming up from just a few feet away. The idea of watching them banter again makes you sick. You do NOT want to be the third wheel right now.

Before you know it, you start thinking about all the things you dislike about them. You remember that time seven-and-a-half  months ago when they confused your anniversary date. Next up comes that other time when they got just a tad bit too friendly with the waitstaff at a restaurant.Your brain just can’t stop and soon, every bad moment starts to flow into your consciousness. You remember that OTHER time when they spent so much time getting ready that you missed your reservation… After a few minutes, it suddenly hits you. For whatever reason, you now find your partner incredibly annoying. 

You sit in befuddlement for a moment in your chair and you stare at them again to confirm your feelings…yup…they’re still annoying. This person you’ve been with for ages? Not only are they not inspiring any sort of romantic spark, they’re dousing it so hard you’re basically drowning.

Right about now, the thought of being single is looking pretty darn sweet . After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to get with anyone they wanted? Soon your mind starts to wander…maybe, just maybe, it’s time to break up.

However, there’s a challenge that has been presented to you. God (if He’s up there) has played a cruel joke. It’s Valentine’s Day. A moral dilemma has ensued. 

Should you be honest and break up with them now? Wait a couple days? Maybe you should just wait a couple months to think it out. The problem is if you wait a month or two, then it’s their birthday. Maybe you should wait until next year? The problem THEN is that it’s too close to New Year’s Day and only big meanies break up with their partner on New Year’s Day. Should you just wait it out and see how it goes? Oh jeez…who are you kidding…maybe just give up and stay with them forever.

What do you do? How should you solve this dilemma? 

While some may argue that one should wait for the perfect moment to end things, in the end, it is probably best to simply be honest whenever possible. If you are having doubts about your feelings for your significant other and want to break up, it is better to be honest and share your thoughts as soon as possible rather than delay unnecessarily. Most people would rather have someone be honest in the moment than have to be strung along for weeks.

Valentine’s Day or not, if you are considering breaking up with your partner, you should speak candidly with them about why you are feeling this way. After all, opening up dialogue may even fix bad communication, an issue which statistically accounts for roughly 65 percent of breakups. (According to some sources at least)  This conversation could potentially solve whatever problem you’re having with your partner! 

But hey, if it doesn’t and you DO end up breaking up, or if you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day for some other reason, have no fear. The more you dig  into the single lifestyle, the more you’ll find that it isn’t really all too bad and that you’re not alone, especially in high school.

 In a study from the Pew Research Center, it was found that only 35 percent  of teens actually have experience being in a serious relationship between the ages of 13 and 17. That leaves a lot of people that are just waiting for you to step in and swoop them off their feet. But if you do try, don’t get your hopes up because the same study found that statistically only 14 percent of high school relationships survive.

 But who cares, right? Relationships are about personal growth and break ups are a part of that process. If you want to start growing, I’d suggest you start by first telling your current partner exactly how you feel. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with some good old fashioned honesty. 

Then break up with them anyway and go wild ;).