by Compiled Amy Baez, Staff Writer, February 2022

Dear beloved Davae Lynch (Class I), 

I simply cannot imagine my life without you! I think of you when the sun rises and end the day dreaming of your honey brown eyes. Whenever we cross paths, I cannot help but take a deep breath to reminisce in what I believe is Taylor Swift’s Enchanted perfume. The scent of wild berries and creamy flowers enlarge my heart and tickle my nostrils. Oh my dazzling Davae, the stars align when we are together! I left a baked potato in your mini fridge as a token of my gratitude and found a red strand of your fiery hair on your desk. If it is not there anymore, worry not. I needed it for a future gift I am preparing for you before we part. Sweet darling Davae, may you rest well and continue to stay hydrated! Hum those catchy foreign tunes with your faulty AirPods, and enjoy the starchy meal I left behind.

Always and forever,

Your Secret Admirer 

Dearest Sid Balu (Class I),

My heart picks up speed whenever you tower over me in the narrow Shattuck hallways. I glance up and admire your chocolate brown hair that shines under the alcove’s ceiling lights. Oh if only you would notice me and realize how perfect  we would be together! When I first saw your R2D2 backpack, I knew we had to be soulmates. I can be your C3PO! Sweetest Sid, I can be the Padme to your Anakin! Last night I downloaded Fortnite Battle Royale 3D on my phone even though I had to delete my entire camera roll for storage. It’s alright, however. I’d do anything for my class president. We could both land on Tilted Towers holding hands, Vicious Balu. I could help you collect loot or whatever you do in those games. Siddy, we are just two souls trying to find each other, and I have fortunately found you first. Even in the absence of gravity, I’d still fall for you, Sid Balu (Class I). See you again in the Spring while you play JV Tennis under the bright sky in your white sleeveless shirt. 

Eternally yours,

AP Physics Partner