See what Class I couples thought of each other back in the day.

Mary Connors

“Sid and I hadn’t really spoken to one another until the spring of junior year when we both got elected and called each other on the phone to say a VERY awkward ‘hello’ and ‘congratulations.’ Freshman year, I only knew him as the kid I would pass by on my way to ceramics. Other than that, the only thing I knew about him was that my friends always liked him. I remember talking to my girlfriends and scheming ways to get Sid to respond to them on Snapchat, usually by asking for the homework or making a stupid chess reference. It’s ironic in retrospect that I helped my friends ‘slide in’ and here we are now!”

Sid Balu

“I never really knew she existed freshman year, sadly. I started to say ‘hi’ to her in the halls later on, but I got lucky that she got elected to be my co-Prez. We only really got to know each other this year, and it’s crazy to me that we’re here now.”

Abby Roberts

“He was one of my closest guy friends, but I still just thought of him as my eighth grade solar car partner. I had my eyes on other boys and I would tell him about that.”

Ben Clarke

“We were very close friends, but I was always chasing girls outside of school and she would chirp me for that.”

Alex Janower

“We were definitely in the same friend group for a hot sec at the beginning of freshman year, but we were more friends through people than we were actually tight. I found a video of me admiring his guitar skills, maybe a little too much. I remember being crazy impressed and a little intimidated that he got a lead in the musical. In general, though, he was always in my periphery until last spring—every time we talked for a good bit from freshman through junior year, which was seldom, I felt like I was rediscovering a gem, but never thought too much of it. It just goes to show for all the Nobles youngins that there’s great value in expanding social horizons, especially during this era of enormous growth. You never know what you might find in someone as the years go by!”

Rhodes Martinez

“I was friends with Alex freshman year through some other friends, but we never really knew each other. I had a big crush on her at a few points though, but our classes never really lined up enough for us to actually get to know each other. I thought she was really friendly and welcoming, and REALLY outgoing (which she still is, believe me) and I really admired that.”

Claire Mao

“We were friends, but not that close, from our math class with Ms. Chagnon. I remember him as the shy kid with the computer bag, and I wanted to be friends with him because he seemed really nice, so I’d try to talk and joke with him in class.”

John Henry Lotz-McMillen

“So I guess I first met her in math class freshman year. I was kind of more closed off and focused on a small group of friends, but I got the impression that she was a cool, smart, and funny person from interactions in that class. It was always exciting when our math or friend groups overlapped, though I still didn’t know her too well yet.” 

Cate Murray 

“I thought he was really cute and I had a crush on him, but we never ran into each other in any of the same classes, so I only saw him in passing. But then we reconnected sophomore year where we had ceramics together and got to know each other more.”

Peyton Rose 

“I didn’t have any classes with her. I saw her around a little, but not much. I knew who she was because we played similar sports, and then I got to know her better sophomore year.” 

Eva Midura 

“I had a huge crush on him freshman year – like borderline obsession. We were friendly and talked a bit, but not close and the crush fizzled out fairly quickly to just being friends for a long time. Three years later, we got things back on track. “

Will Canavan 

“The first time I talked to her in person was when I said hi to her in Baker and pronounced her name ‘Eeva’ by accident. I thought she was really pretty and nice, but I never made a move. I remember I was always bummed we never had a class together and we still haven’t in four years.”