by Chris Tillen, Staff Writer, November 2021

It is inarguable that the Ethics Club and the Debate & Model UN (MUN) Club are locked in a fierce battle. Transcending the boundaries of clubs, these two sanctuaries provide a colosseum for battles between some of the most opinionated and intellectually hungry students that our school has to offer. Ethics centers around debating the moral sides of an issue, and students compete for a judge favoring their moral stance. Debate & Model UN replicated relevant scenarios, wherein debate kids go head to head on issues, and in Model UN delegates debate real-world problems. Despite similarities, one is clearly superior. When it boils down, some choices in life are simply black and white. Anyone with common sense knows that Debate is the only answer. 

Now, why should you join the highly esteemed and popular Debate Club? There are a myriad of reasons for making this life-changing decision. 

First is the community. Coming to a Debate Club meeting is the perfect break in a week of tests, quizzes, and essays. Debate is the perfect middle ground: sometimes there are light-hearted exercises to hone public speaking skills, and other times, there are intense practices for competition. No matter what your skill level, Debate Club is there for you. 

With Ethics, on the other hand, club meetings just add more of a load to your plate. Why would anyone want to ponder the essence of being a good person on a Wednesday at 8 am? 

The effects of Debate are clear all over campus, and Debate & MUN Club co-President Chrissy Cadigan (Class I) said, “Debate and Model UN kids float around our school surrounded by the glory of being in this club.” Cadigan could not be more right. All members of the Debate community are elevated to a divine level. Ethics members, on the other hand, brood around campus suffocated by the devil’s onerous chains.

Furthermore, both debate and MUN empower students to be better versions of themselves. Having a good debate where both sides of the case are well-thought-out and argued is an essential element to personal growth. How can one learn about the world without seeing every angle? Ethics just simply doesn’t push kids to see the other side. They get complacent in their own little pretentious bubbles. 

It is important to note that debate and model UN aid kids in developing unique arguments. In a debate competition or a MUN conference, there are going to be contrasting viewpoints for students to explore. Ethics allows kids no structure and leaves them abandoned in the cold abyss. What’s the format of ethics? Just talk about your stance and answer questions? Where’s the fire? Where’s the discourse? 

Additionally, Debate & MUN Club has the most exciting competitions. If merely basking in the glow of this club wasn’t enough for you, just you wait. At debates, there are delicious breakfast and lunches served. At MUN conferences, you might get the chance to stay in a hotel for an entire weekend while you explore the Prudential Center. The possibilities are limitless because there are many events each year. How many competitions does Ethics have a year? The number seems to be slipping my mind….

Most importantly, Debate & MUN Club is the veteran. The venerated club has commanded Nobles for decades and decades, whereas the Ethics Club arrived a mere four years ago. When asked about the scrappy new club, Cadigan simply said, “If you swing at the king, you best not miss. And they are really missing.” 

Begrudgingly, one can admit that both of these clubs bring students together over shared passions. The many overlapping members could argue that they’re safe spaces to debate current events and explore morality around important aspects of society. Regardless, debate will always be the shining veteran that is superior in every way shape and form…