by Grace Fiorella, Copy Editor, October 2021

9. Christmas (2009)

Easy, last place. Why on Earth would you dress up for another holiday on a holiday where you dress up? Lame. There are also so few costumes or ideas under the category of Christmas that there is no way to branch out or stand out. There is a specific time and place to dress up in these costumes: the mall during the month of December if you work in Santa’s village. Also, so many other religions and students do not celebrate Christmas. Why would you have a theme be a holiday that not everyone celebrates?

8. Brands (2020)

Eighth place. Too broad. It was hard to tell what the theme was because there were so many directions you could go in: Mr. Clean, the Great Lakes, Chick-fil-A workers, and the Pillsbury Doughboy. Where is the line drawn for what is considered a brand? It also wasn’t very cohesive. The point of a senior theme is to look united, not so random that the entire school does not know what is going on.

7. Animal Kingdom (2017)


Seventh place. Points for being an actual theme. The inflatable dinosaurs were definitely a good laugh around campus, having to deflate the suit when sitting down and blow it back up when walking around. However, students use this costume every year regardless of theme or grade. It’s unoriginal. The face paint was creative and it brought out everyone’s inner artist. Overall, a solid theme.

6. The Lion King (2011)

Sixth place. This theme ranks above the theme “Animal Kingdom” solely based on the opportunity to play the Lion King soundtrack in assembly with a mob of seniors storming the stage. All the different animal costumes jamming to “The Circle of Life” and “Hakuna Matata” made for a fun, upbeat theme.  

5. Traditional (2015)

Fifth place. Right in the middle, where it should be. What screams (haha!) Halloween costumes more than the symbols that surround Halloween? Zombies, vampires, clowns, witches, pumpkins, the Scream, etc. This theme reminds everyone what Halloween is really about… scariness. Plus, the seniors can put the underclassmen in their place by scaring them away from the Beach and the Library.

4. Disney (2019)

Fourth place. Bringing back everyone’s childhood memories and tv shows was just the right touch of nostalgia on a holiday that is all about children having fun. There were so many different options to choose from, and you could clearly tell what the theme was. Bonus points for the people who dressed up like Disney princesses. A princess in front of the Castle was just the right way to turn a fairytale into a reality.

3. Superhero and Villains (2018)

Third place. The classic good guy versus bad guy trope. “Honey, where’s my supersuit” was the perfect introduction to assembly by Lucan White (N ‘19) in the Frozone suit. The variety of superheroes and villains was so great that there were no repeats. Honorable mention: the Girls Varsity Field Hockey team’s seniors dressing up as Captain Underpants. The perfect mixture of sticking to the theme and adding their own little twist by finding a unique crusader under the “superhero” category. Bronze. 

2. Under the Sea (2013)

Second place. As Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid” said, “Under the sea darling, it’s better down where it’s wetter. Take it from me.” Dressing up as things on land is lame. This senior class dove a little deeper into their creativity with this theme and for shore impressed many. Silver.

1. Space (2016)

First place. Literally out of this world. They even put decorations in Gleason Hall to go with the theme. It is one of the only themes that diverged from TV shows or movies, a rare sighting. There was no question whether someone was part of the theme. Astronauts, aliens, stars, planets, rocket ships, and the moon were all different costumes under the theme. What’s more perfect than having a theme with some scientific and academic references? Nothing. Gold.