by Campbell Bates, Staff Writer, October 2021

There’s no doubt that every Halloween at Nobles yields incredibly creative costumes, with some more bizarre than others. Here are some of the best costumes gathered from current students that will never be forgotten: 

Name: Henry Smith (Class II)

Costume: Ping-pong ball

Context: In a group of three, in which Michael Alpers (Class II) was a ping-pong paddle, and Henry’s exchange student, Mert, was a solo cup

Execution: White tights and a white plastic circular vest

Name: Elena Guerra (Class I)

Costume: Cheeto

Context: She wanted to be creative

Execution: Wore an orange bodysuit that went from [her] wrists to ankles, and orange shorts. She then taped black circles to the bodysuit to look like the cheetah and carried a sign that said, “It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy”

Name: Henry Saltzman (Class II)

Costume: Car salesman 

Context: He was obsessed with the commercials

Execution: Slicked back hair, collared shirt, khaki pants, and glasses

Name: Quinn Maley (Class IV)

Costume: Dryer

Context: Her sister, Payton Maley (Class VI) was a washing machine and she was a dryer

Execution: Dressed up in a box

Name: Madi Shaer (Class II)

Costume: Jellyfish

Context: She wanted to wear a morph suit

Execution: Silver morph suit with purple LED lights and streamers hanging from an umbrella taped to her head

Name: Isabella Fitzgerald (Class I)

Costume: Tree

Context: Supporting the environment

Execution: She taped leaves to an umbrella and wore an off-brand ghillie suit

Name: Harrison Dolgoff (Class II)

Costume: Banana riding a skateboard

Context: This was, in fact, not a last-minute costume

Execution: Banana suit and converse, carried around a skateboard