by David Hermanson, Staff Writer, October 2021

Sports at Nobles serve to connect, inspire, and educate. With over a dozen sports to choose from for both girls and boys alike, it is difficult to imagine a more equitable system. However, underground rumors have started to spread of a desire amongst some to further strengthen this arrangement. Specifically, some have begun to ask questions regarding the lack of a boys volleyball team as well as a potential girls football team, among others.

Given this point, it follows that if there is interest, Nobles should be in support of creating such teams. With no real reason against the formation of these teams, the crux of the issue really becomes one of excitement; is the desire for a boys volleyball and girls football team present? 

Some interested in boys volleyball would say yes. Several students have expressed interest in the creation of a boys volleyball team. Ethan Anderson (Class I), a known amateur volleyball player amongst the Boys Varsity Cross Country team, was quick to state his thoughts on the issue saying, “Oh, of course, I’d love to have it. If we could have a time and there was an actual organized play behind it I think it would be a lot of fun.” Anderson continues,  “It doesn’t even have to be serious. I know there aren’t competitors in the ISLs for boys volleyball. I would be in strong support of [changing] that.” 

Others, like Will Grimes (Class II), share this sentiment, saying that a boys volleyball team would be, in fact, “Pretty sick.” Grimes continued,  “I’d be down to join.” Some boys have even been seen enthusiastically participating in impromptu “practices” before their own sports practice, such as one Sparsh Verma (Class I). In addition to basketball, it seems some boys have picked up volleyball as a means to have fun with each other in the gym.   

In addition to the expansion of potential boys sports, some have also mentioned the potential for a girls football team. Girls football is non-existent at Nobles. However, perhaps this is for a reason. Interest in a girls football team seems to be quite low. While many in the Nobles community have nothing against a girls footballs team the rosters, it seems, are simply not present. Most girls appear uninterested in the sport. The lack of a singular girls football team on the ISL would mean that Nobles would be forced to build its program from scratch, a tough challenge even for sports with an abundance of willing participants. 

Even for boys volleyball, of which there were at least some invested in the topic, most students seem only vaguely interested in the idea in theory. Despite the actions of a few passionate players on the sidelines, such excitement is likely not indicative of any actual decisions that would be made by Nobles athletes should such teams be created. Many within the school are committed to and love their current sports and are unlikely to abandon them in favor of an unestablished team. 

It seems, for now, any dreams of these teams’ creation will remain unfulfilled. In the end, such additions to the afternoon program must result from an abundance of interest and action. When it comes to these sports, there is very little on either of those fronts. If students are enchanted by the idea of making such changes, they should pursue such action by engaging in conversations with sports staff, coaches, and beyond, but looking forward, it seems unlikely that these rumors will become a reality.