by Marieko Amoah, Staff Writer, February 2021

If you want an accurate reading for you and your partner, use a synastry calculator. It aligns you and your partner’s birth chart with each other; each calculator website offers their own interpretation of the synastry. I recommend Keep in mind that if you or your partner don’t know your exact birth time, it will affect the accuracy of the calculator and you won’t gain as much information. 

Most Compatible Moon Signs

Your moon is all about emotions and feelings. 

Moon Taurus-Moon Capricorn

People with a moon in Taurus might be very grounded and present. They might also be unable to effectively deal with conflict or heightened emotions. People with a moon in Taurus tend to have traditional beliefs and morals; since Taurus is a fixed sign,you might even feel threatened or anxious when changes arise. People with a moon in Capricorn are similar in that material things provide lots of emotional comfort and stability. This moon sign highly values hard work to the point where they may completely attach productivity and work ethic to their self-worth. People with a moon in Taurus can be seen to do the exact opposite. These signs can balance each other through acknowledging when they need breaks and when they should work hard to achieve their goals. Both signs are very stable, slow energies, though Capricorn is slightly faster and more aggressive. This relationship won’t have to worry about excessive or deep emotions and resentments. 

Moon Gemini-Moon Aquarius

People with a moon in Gemini may have mood swings or be very indecisive. This sign is known to collect lots of information. People with a moon in Gemini really like to deal with matters of intellect and are always able to play two sides of a debate. If they are not careful, taking in and learning so much of the world could result in them forgetting about themselves. People with a moon in Aquarius also prefer intellect over the heart, but are Piscean in the fact they can be quite artistic and creative. This moon sign generally shows someone who’s an ambivert, and like Gemini, can change moods a lot, although less often. These signs will have a very fun relationship and won’t run out of things to talk about. They can both be stubborn at times (especially Aquarius) when it comes to their beliefs or morals, but will never take the relationship too seriously – unless they both want to. Moon in Aquarius can provide some sort of grounded-ness that isn’t too boring for Gemini, while Gemini can challenge Aquarius to be more open-minded. Replacing a Gemini moon with a Libra moon can garner a similar outcome.

Most Compatible Venus Signs

Your Venus sign is all about love, attraction and romance. 

Venus Taurus-Venus Pisces

People with Venus in Taurus have a relaxed and comfort-seeking attitude towards love. A Taurus venus’ love language generally has to do with receiving and giving gifts. They really enjoy materialistic things, big shows of romance, and luxury. If you want a long term relationship, you’re more likely to want a big and expensive ceremony, a nice ring, and a nice house. Similarly, Venus in Pisces has a relaxing attitude towards love that’s also deep and sensitive. This sign is extremely romantic, and they tend to over romanticize their partners and relationships. They’re very idealistic, although they may be more detached from the idea of traditional relationships. These signs seem like opposites – but this difference can really help their relationship. Although both signs’ ideas of romance are slightly different, they somehow fit together. This will be a very relaxing, slightly unconventional relationship. One thing to watch out for is jealousy. Both signs are known to come off as very flirtatious and maybe might even be seen as very non committal. 

Venus Capricorn-Venus Scorpio

Venus in Capricorn shows their love through working hard for the relationship, like trying to help their partner accomplish their financial and physical goals. Those with a Venus in Capricorn will tire themselves out for a relationship if they feel it’s worthwhile. If not, they might lose motivation at the first sign of a red flag. Although Capricorn and Scorpio are true opposites, there are some similarities. They will both work hard for the relationship; they are also known to be fiercely loyal. Although Scorpio is a water sign, it contains a lot of fire, which can manifest through a bad temperament or mood swings. Due to Capricorn’s staunch nature, they won’t take this too seriously and will have an easier time being emotionally detached in a way that will benefit Venus in Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio’s fiery energy also means lots of fun, and depending on other signs in your chart, you may be really quick to dive into a relationship or go on a spontaneous adventure. This relationship can be quite harmonious if other planets are compatible as well. 

Venus Sagittarius-Venus Aries

Often, two signs of the same elements can clash, but these will get along just fine – although the relationship may not last long because of their personalities. Venus in Sagittarius loves fun; quality time could be their love language. They can be emotionally insensitive at times, especially for the sake of being funny (“I’m just joking, I didn’t mean it like that!”). Similarly, someone with a Venus in Aries has a very fiery and bold approach to romance and relationships. They’re often bold and straightforward when it comes to people they like or are attracted to. If Venus in Aries decides to get serious, it can be a great time for Sagittarius to finally open up and be extremely honest about their own feelings (without cracking a joke). Although this relationship may not last long since these are both fire signs, it will be worthwhile. 

Finding The Best Relationship For You

You’re going to need a birth chart that uses your exact birth time for most of this section.

Use your descendant

Your descendant is the opposite of your rising sign and shows what’s best for you. Check your descendant sign and descendant house. Different calculators will offer different interpretations, but if you use this one I linked above, it’s quite accurate. 

Use your Saturn Sign/11th House and Mercury

The 11th house, or Saturn sign, represents friendship. It talks a lot about how you function within your interpersonal relationships and obstacles you face within them. This house and planet can be a great indicator of how one feels about the concept of “commitment”. Mercury is all about how you communicate.

Look at your Chiron and Lilith signs 

Your Chiron, which represents the roots of trauma, has a deep effect on your life. Often, your Chiron is most present in your childhood and manifests as challenges you can overcome. If you don’t process through or heal from Chiron, in the future, you will attract the very same events that originally caused your Chiron to be so painful. As humans, we mirror each other, and an unhealed Chiron will generally manifest itself and share the same energy with another person. Often people with the same Chiron signs are attracted to each other. 

Similarly, your Lilith sign can represent a lifelong struggle; it talks about the dominant themes in your life and can manifest in a way that’s closely connected to Chiron. It is less likely to attract people with the same Lilith, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as important as Chiron in successful relationships.