by Julia Wong, Staff Writer, December 2020

  1. It’s Alive!

Everyone loves a new cuddly friend. Jessica Zhang (Class II) is hoping for a cat this year: “I’m trying to convince my parents to surprise my brother this year with a cat, because I feel like that’d be a good gift.” She’s not alone in believing a new family member may be the best gift: 

“We woke up [on Christmas] morning, and there was a box, and it was a puppy. Her name is Penny and she is adorable,” said Ms. Kelleher, faculty advisor of The Nobleman. 

Students like Kayla Henderson (Class I) and Griffin Callaghan (Class I) expressed similar sentiments around living gifts. “The best gift I’ve ever received, probably when I got my dog,” echoed Henderson.

“The best gift I ever received was a hamster named Dasher,” Callaghan remarked.

  1. Simple Style

Clothing has become a default present request for many. “I don’t really like shopping so I’d rather have someone else shop for me,” said Angie Gabeau (Class I). Gabeau’s thoughts were echoed by her classmates:

“I know that’s a boring answer, but definitely clothes because I need a lot more clothes,” James Kasparyan (Class I) said. 

Need more specific inspiration? The Nobleman’s got you covered:

For your friend who’d rather be in bed – The Comfy, a Bathrobe

“Those are so comfortable, highly recommend,” Zhang said about her favorite gift, The Comfy.

“It was super comfy, and I wore it…almost every day after that,” said Kamran Bina (Class I) about the bathrobe he received from his aunt the year prior.

For your friend who stays stylish AND warm – Patagonia or North Face Outerwear

“I really want another Patagonia,” said Olivia Hayward (Class I).

“The best gift I ever received was a fuzzy, bright blue North Face jacket when I was eight,” said Hadley Winslow (Class I).

For the adult in your life who knows what they want – Exactly What They Ask For

black man giving christmas present to son

“That’s what happens when you get older, you just need practical things,” Mr. Polebaum said, who is faculty advisor of The Nobleman. Polebaum is wishing for a new pair of shoes this holiday season.

For the sports fan – A Sports Jersey—h5-0CFQAAAAAdAAAAABAI

“It was probably the best gift I’ve ever received,” Arty Schleifer (Class I) said about his Marcus Smart jersey. Schleifer is also holding out for a Jayson Tatum jersey this year.

  1. Bit of a Bookworm

Especially during the winter, cuddling up with hot cocoa and a good book is all too appealing, and the Nobleman staff is here with some of our own recommendations!

For your favorite literary whiz – Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

“Because that’s the only gift she [my mother]’s ever given me,” said a casual Daniel Wang (Class II).

For your friend that’s a fiction fanatic – The Cousin by Karen M. McManus

heap of bright books and soft fabrics

“She’s my favorite author,” said Ellen Efstathiou about McManus, who also wrote One of Us is Lying.

For anyone that loves to read – Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugouh

Six of Crows is my favorite book of all time, and I promise the magical experience of Ketterdam is probably one of the best gifts you can give your friends this holiday season.

The Kindle

Choosing is hard, so save you and your friend the pain of buying the wrong book with a Kindle. “I like to read, but it’s easier to read on a kindle,” Anna Perez (Class I) said about the item topping her wishlist.

  1. For the Cousins and Kids

Writing a wish list was never hard as a kid, but getting something for the youngest sibling can sometimes be the biggest challenge. Of course, an iTunes or Amazon gift card is always a safe bet, but here are some of The Nobleman’s favorite childhood gifts to get your imagination running.

For a kid that can appreciate an icon – Polly Pocket Cruise Ship

If you can’t feel the rubber of the tiny dresses and shoes, you did your childhood wrong. “The best gift I’ve ever received was a Polly Pocket cruise ship that I got when I was seven years old because, wow, that was amazing, you got three dolls and a massive ship,” Kathryn Cloonan (Class I) said.

For a kid that loves sports and gaming – Wii

Wii is a classic. “When we got a Wii, I was so happy,” Olivia Hayward (Class I) said.

For the kid with stars in their eyes – a Telescope

“One time, my dad gave me a telescope to look at the stars. I thought it was really adorable because I wanted that,” Gabeau said. Who knows, maybe your gift recipient will be the next Galileo!

  1. Calling All Creatives

For the artist that inspires you most, let’s be real, they don’t want something basic – but there are a few staples you can’t go wrong with!

For the aspiring musician – Instrumental Accessories

brown acoustic guitar on black guitar stand

“I don’t play it enough, but I plan to, so it’s a gift I can use a lot in the future which is great,” Andrew Kasparyan (Class I) said about his best gift, a guitar. While a guitar may not be feasible, there are lots of other small tokens to support the aspiring artist, like unique picks or placeholders for sheet music. Or possibly the classic kazoo.

For your friend who loves to write – Leather Journal

A solidly bound leather journal just gives that warm feeling inside. “I just think they’re so… [with no words to describe them] you know?” Cloonan said.

For your resident Picasso – Quality Art Supplies

It’s hard to generalize the visual arts, as everyone has a preferred medium, but tools never disappoint a true artist. “My mom gave me a pack of watercolor pencils when I was ten, and I still use them to this day,” Isabella Fitzgerald (Class II) commented.

  1. Made with Love

Because friendship isn’t material, you can never go wrong with something made with your besties in mind. There’s so much for this category, but here are two places to start off!

For anyone without allergies – Homemade Cookies

Cookies made by Melanie Alvarez

A box of sweetness for your sweetest friend only seems fitting! “I just like getting homemade food,” Anya Cheng (Class I) said. Need help? Check out some of our favorite cookie recipes here!

For any friend who likes mail the old fashioned way – Letters

“The best present that I could get this year is if all of my friends wrote me letters,” Ryan Sanghavi (Class II) said. 

  1. Still Stuck?

The possibilities are endless, but if you still need a nudge of inspiration, here’s a few stand-out gifts as told by the Nobleman staff!

For the coffee lover – Lavazza Blue Single Serve Espresso Machine Lb 2317

Daniel Wang (Class II) did the research so you don’t have to. “I would like a really nice espresso machine. There’s this specific brand that has a really nice milk strainer,” Wang said.

For someone who wants a good surprise – a Big Avocado Pillow

“It’s the most random thing, but I wanted it so badly and it’s still in my room and I love it,” Cheng said, and it’s almost guaranteed your recipient doesn’t already have one.

For those who love a personal touch – Coordinate Bracelets

Let your friend bring pieces of their favorite places with them everywhere. “One of them [has the coordinates of my house here, one of them is my house in Spain and one of them is my favorite beach,” Perez said, wearing three amazing bracelets.

For the superfan – FX Force Darth Vader Replica Lightsaber

“It’s just, so cool, and I was able to utilize it in an NTC production when I was a student here,” said Mr. Polebaum. Who doesn’t love an opportunity to flex their love for Star Wars. 

For the entire family – a Ping Pong Table

“One time, as a family, we got a ping pong table. That was cool,” Efstathiou said. It may take a bit of saving, but what better gift than Sunday night ping pong tournaments?

For a good time – Concert Tickets

Alright, so concerts may not be happening for a while; but having something to look forward to, even if it’s in a year, is a great gift. “That was just an amazing concert and thoughtful gift,” Kait Schuster (Class I) said about the Taylor Swift Reputation concert.

Similarly, when asked about her favorite gift, Grace Fiorella (Class II) was quick to respond. “Concert tickets to Countryfest,” Fiorella said.

Still lost? Well, it never hurts to have a hint. Tell your friends to check out The Nobleman’s quick quiz to let you know what they want for the Holidays here!