by Angie Gabeau, Staff Writer, November 2020

Let’s Try That Again is a segment on the That’s Kaep Podcast. This podcast is a group of BIPOC students from Nobles who hope to educate their community about their experiences facing racism, sexism, classism, and more.

“They got into college/Nobles/other elite institution because they’re black/LatinX/Indigenous.”In the midst of the college process, there is a lot of toxic speculation about why students are admitted. This phrase is extremely harmful to BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) students on campus. Many students already struggle with imposter syndrome at elite institutions like Nobles, worrying about whether they deserve to be at such a school. In addition to contributing to further insecurity, the statement is false. Although most schools are race-sensitive, it is never the defining factor of someone’s application and admission. Don’t ruin what is supposed to be a happy moment in someone’s life. 
“Nobles is 35% POC*.”This statement alone is not a problem. When people use it to justify or alleviate the core issues at Nobles, it becomes problematic. Additionally, being obsessed with the number suggests that Nobles must fulfill a quota so that community members stop complaining about representation. Lastly, we need to stop grouping together people of color like they are a homogenous group. LatinX people need their own representation, black people need their own representation, indigenous people need their own representation. POC are not all synonymous.  
“Why do you make everything about race?”Because everything is about race. Because this country was built on 400 years of injustice and slavery, it is inevitable that within every institution, everything will be about race. Imagine having to go to school every day, being the only person who looks like you in all your classes and sports practices. BIPOC have to face this reality for the majority of their lives.  
“I can’t afford this”/ “I’m broke” and similar phrases.Nobles really struggles with being sensitive to class. Being in an incredibly affluent community, students who compare themselves to their wealthiest peers often use phrases like this, which somewhat ignores the actual class disparities at Nobles. Although there are definitely things a lot of Nobles students cannot afford, don’t say you can’t afford a sweatshirt from the school store or food from Ilda’s if you can. Be cognizant of your peers who actually have to think about these purchases on a daily basis. 
*talking about tans and comparing skin color*Especially in the presence of your peers who are naturally tan or darker-skinned, pay attention to what you say about tans. Although it is definitely okay to want to tan or to talk about it, it can be very uncomfortable and alienates people with darker or tanner skin engaging in those conversations. Also, take into account the privilege of choosing your skin color and not having it be a defining factor in your everyday life.