by Griffin Callaghan, Staff Writer, October 2020

We all know that finding costumes this year will be challenging; a costume that is unimpeded by the masks is hard to come by. 

That being said, here are Five COVID-Worthy DIY costumes (and me completely-not-awkwardly wearing them)…

Costume One: Among Us Crewmate

Pros: Topical, easy, can be group or individual

Cons: Hard to see

Costume Two: Plastic Bag

Pros: Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, moments from caving in?

Cons: You will suffocate. Keep away from children. 

Costume Three: Surgeon On Their Day Off

Pro: Easy

Con: It’s regular clothes.

Costume Four: Dental Hygienist On Their Day Off

Pro: Easy, and scary because the dentist is scary

Cons: People will think you are going as “Surgeon on Their Day Off”

Costume Five: Orthodontist on Their Day Off 

Pro: Easy

Cons: People will think you are going as “Dental Hygienist on Their Day Off”